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Forecast Project

The UHERO Forecast Project provides the Hawaii community with analysis of economic, demographic, and business trends in the State and the Asia-Pacific region.




The primary activity of the UHERO Forecast Project is the interpretation and projection of statistical and other data on the changing economic and business environment in the State, its four counties, and principal external economies. Summaries and analyses are disseminated through forecast reports, and public fora. UHERO develops and maintains high-frequency industry level statistical models of Hawaii, its four counties and key external economies to support rigorous forecasting exercises. The quality of the forecast program is enhanced by academic peer review and publication.

Subscribe to UHERO Forecast Project Reports

The UHERO Forecast Project is a community-sponsored research program of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. An annual subscription to the full schedule of reports is $1,000.

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or see our downloadable  subscription form.

Report Schedule

  • Construction Forecast: Review of construction industry conditions and three-year forecast. Includes first-quarter State update. 1st Quarter.
  • County Forecast: Review of economic conditions and detailed three-year forecasts for the four counties. Includes second-quarter State update. 2nd Quarter.
  • Annual Hawaii Forecast: Review of economic conditions and detailed three-year forecast for the state economy. 3rd Quarter.
  • Asia Pacific Forecast: Review of economic conditions in the world economy with particular focus on Asia. Includes forecasts for major countries and regions. Includes 4th quarter State update. 4th Quarter.

View Public Forecast Summaries

Premium Services

UHERO conducts customized research for public and private sector clients. Examples include detailed twenty-year demographic/economic forecasts for the state and the four counties, online surveys of county business conditions, and long-term policy scenarios for development in specific sectors. Please contact us for more information.